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Israel. The new government of Israel was sworn in on the 14th of May. Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz eventually succeeded in forming a government after one and a half years without a functioning government. The contract of the coalition says that for the first 18 months, Netanyahu will serve as premier. After this period, Gantz, who serves in the meantime as defense minister, will take on the role for another 1.5 years. Together they serve as prime minister and “alternate prime minister”.

Afghanistan. After attacks at a clinic and a funeral, president Ashraf Ghani orders the resumption of military attacks against the Taliban. While the Taliban deny any responsibility for the attacks, the government gave orders to the military to be rather offensive against armed groups, contrary to the defensive approach of the United States who is currently withdrawing troops. US officials had previously been in talks with Taliban and signed an “agreement for bringing peace”.

Syria. The report “Nowhere is safe for us: Unlawful attacks and mass displacement in north-west Syria” by the human rights organisation Amnesty International reports on attacks on schools and medical facilities in Syria. While civilians are targeted and massively affected, there is evidence for the use of cluster munition, which is against the international law. This puts new pressure on the ruling dictator al-Assad and the Russian military, which supports the Syrian government. The report is among others based on interviews with displaced people, teachers, doctors and humanitarian workers in aid organisations.


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