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A Volunteer’s View of the Rio Olympics

It is certain that Brazil remains a deeply divided country for some time to come. And while volunteering for the Olympics might be still seen as supporting a majorly corrupt organisation, it has shown me not only the wonderful way in which sports and passion can connect people, but has given me a much broader and deeper understanding of the underreported political situation in Brazil as well as the struggles in this country that I could have never understood, had I not been there for the Olympics.

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Like Apples and Spinach

Sometimes you just have these sudden realizations, like scales falling from your eyes. One of these moments motivated this article; I have gone through the past 21 years of my life without actually thinking about transgender people and their struggle. To understand this topic better I have talked to a transitioning blogger and got incredibly positive answers. To find out how we ended up talking about apples and spinach and “Orange is the new Black” read on.

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The Pink Elephant

The cluster of news about rape and maltreatment of women in India fill newspapers all over the world, but a solution for the problem seems untraceable. In one of the poorest regions of the country a group of women decided to fight violence with violence. A controversial success story:

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