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Collective Ideas – A Path to Greater Decisions?

Given our complex modern society, one could question if the key for building a better world is wider collaborative behaviour among us. Imagine that larger groups are potentially more intelligent than the smartest person in a group of “ experts.” Human connection can expand itself through collaboration if we just investigate further very simple but relevant examples of such action.

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Big Issues Through Little Eyes

In the leafy suburban outskirts of Oslo is a white house. It is almost as unassuming as the subject matter it contains, it is the International Museum of Children’s Art. Compared to the White House in Washington DC this one greets you with colourful giant snails, butterflies and a cow. This joyful expression of childhood and imagination does not however, preclude the Museum from being properly viewed as a centre of international and political concern. The Museum provides a unique opportunity to see and consider the perspective of children on international issues.

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A Volunteer’s View of the Rio Olympics

It is certain that Brazil remains a deeply divided country for some time to come. And while volunteering for the Olympics might be still seen as supporting a majorly corrupt organisation, it has shown me not only the wonderful way in which sports and passion can connect people, but has given me a much broader and deeper understanding of the underreported political situation in Brazil as well as the struggles in this country that I could have never understood, had I not been there for the Olympics.

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