The Pink Elephant

The cluster of news about rape and maltreatment of women in India fill newspapers all over the world, but a solution for the problem seems untraceable. In one of the poorest regions of the country a group of women decided to fight violence with violence. A controversial success story:

An Insecure Future

Where do you see yourself in a week? A month? Maybe even in a year? At times, the future can be right around the corner, and then it can be a thousand miles away. For some people it is clear as daylight where their future will lead them, and for others it’s just a big hazy mess.

Bitcoin – Online Currency with a Future?

In 2013, the value of one bitcoin rose from 5€ to almost 900€.  It even surpassed the value of gold before crashing again. Last year the first Bitcoin ATM’s were opened up in Europe and some accredited institutions, such as the University of Nicosia, started to accept bitcoins as a method of payment.  It is time to learn what a wallet and mining truly mean in the 21st century.