“Refugees Welcome”: Protest on Stortorget

“Refugees Welcome”: Protest on Stortorget

The population of Malmö tends to be very active politically, which is shown by numerous protests, be it against neo-Nazi violence, the Swedish branch organisation of the German anti-Islamisation group PEGIDA or, more recently, in the name of Free the Nipple.

On the backdrop of the ongoing refugee crisis, around 4,000 people gathered on Stortorget on the 13th of September in order to protest for a more humane treatment of refugees. The protest, which was held under the motto of “Refugees Welcome”, was organised by the youth of organisation of the Greens Party, but was also attended by groups from many other parties and creeds, including a delegation from the Student Union.

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By Michael Schätzlein

Image credit: Michael Schätzlein



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