YNTR – December 2020: Bangladeshi government’s crackdown on Rohingya refugees, Germany’s lax restrictions on New Years celebrations, and wide-spread hunger in Venezuela

Out of sight, out of mind …seems to be a popular attitude of states to handle the ugly reality of an ever-worsening international refugee movement. The strategy to keep refugees on islands has moved to the core of the EU asylum system, and has recently hit fertile soil in Bangladesh.

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Eternal Putin

How does one leave the Kremlin after nearly two decades in office? And can one leave it gracefully and even more importantly—perhaps—alive? Russia’s Vladimir Putin has little to learn from his predecessors. Of the nine de facto Russian leaders since Lenin, five died in office, two were more or less

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The Other Pandemic

***Trigger warning: Contains explicit language on the subject of child sexual abuse*** At times one stands before a great abyss. A great expanse ordained by dark materials to which one has to decide to gaze into or turn away from. Why should we feel the urge to brand ourselves with

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