What is your home country’s national pastime? What do you think of it?

What is your home country’s national pastime? What do you think of it?

Most guys play soccer/ football, but (mainly among girls) field hockey is quite popular. I used to play it for quite a long time and only found out later that playing field hockey is quite unusual in other countries. I have also refrained from calling it just ‘hockey’ to ‘field hockey’ as people will think I might be playing ice hockey, which is the more common hockey here in Sweden at least. – Ilse, Netherlands 

Doing protests. Necessary! – Aimee, France

Drinking. I don’t think it’s healthy. – Kevin, Hungary

In Finland, we have a strong cabin culture, especially during the summer months. Many Finns have a “leisure home” or access to one through family or friends. My family has a cabin on the south coast of Finland. We spend nearly all summer weekends there, taking care of the cabin, going to the sauna (also a national past time) and enjoying nature. For some holidays, such as the Midsummerfest, the cities empty because people travel to the countryside to celebrate the longest day of the year. I love our little cabin and the seaside. – Julia, Finland

We’re big on ice skating, but we barely ever get ice. Weed and hockey are also popular. – Student, Netherlands

Backgammon! – Turkan, Azerbaijan

Many would say baseball, but in my opinion, apathy has become our national pastime. We are conditioned to ignore the misery of others, have become comfortable with not being informed, and have perpetual ‘us vs them’ mentality. Even during a pandemic, individuals cannot be bothered to endure something as simple as wearing a mask for the collective good. I believe exposing the shortcomings of U.S society has been long overdue. – Angelica, USA

Soccer – I’ve never enjoyed it myself, but in school we had to participate and most of my friends has some sort of relation to soccer. – Student, Denmark

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